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Extra Care Plumbing is here to help you get the look and functionality you've been wanting in your bathroom or kitchen. Call us to install modern fixtures that can help save water, reduce utility bills, and offer features like low-flow options or smart technology integration.
Proper installation is essential for preventing leaks around the faucet and the connecting plumbing lines.
A well-designed and properly installed faucet provides consistent water pressure, temperature control, and smooth operation.
It's important to ensure professional installation as improper installation may void the manufacturer's warranty coverage.
Having well-installed and attractive fixtures can increase your home's value and attract potential buyers or tenants.

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birmingham plumber bathroom fixture installation
birmingham plumber bathroom fixture installation

Resolve Plumbing Fixture Issues Quickly

Call Extra Care Plumbing for all fixture repair and replacement needs. As your trusted Birmingham plumber, we understand plumbing urgency. We provide quick service to fix any leaking faucet, sink, toilet, or tub.

Swift resolution of fixture issues is important for several reasons:

Water damage prevention
Fixture leaks or broken parts can lead to property damage. Water in walls, floors, and ceilings causes structural damage, rot, and mold. Speedy resolution prevents extensive, costly damage to your property.
Cost savings
Addressing plumbing fixture issues saves money in the long run. Small leaks or defects may worsen, leading to high water bills. Prolonged leaks can end up causing property damage. Fix issues to avoid water waste, repairs, and property damage costs.
Conservation of water resources
Plumbing fixture issues can result in water wastage. Leaky faucets and toilets can waste significant water over time. Fix issues to conserve water and reduce your impact on the environment.
Maintenance of health and safety
Plumbing fixture issues can compromise the health and safety of occupants. For example, leaking fixtures can create stagnant water. Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. This leads to breathing issues and other health problems. In addition, broken fixtures can pose safety hazards. Maintain healthy, safe living or working areas by resolving these issues.
Preservation of fixture lifespan
Plumbing fixtures are designed to function optimally within set conditions. When used outside normal ranges, the stressed fixture's lifespan may shorten. Timely repairs or replacements help extend the life of your fixtures. This allows you to get the most out of your investment.
Convenience and comfort
Plumbing fixture issues can disrupt daily routines and upset occupants. For example, a broken toilet or shower disrupts hygiene routines. Fix issues for the convenience and comfort of people in your home or business.
Compliance with building codes and regulations
Local authorities set plumbing safety standards. Unresolved plumbing issues can cause building code violations. Adhere to rules to avoid penalties and legal problems.

Empowering our customers with
knowledge and practical advice

Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Fixtures

Knowing what to look for enables you to take action promptly to protect your plumbing system.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on using a quick process to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Initial consultation and assessment
Removal of old fixture
Installation of new fixture
Testing for proper functionality

OUR SERVICESRepairs & Maintenance

Whether you want to update your current fixtures or have a leaky faucet, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.
What faucet is right for me?

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What faucet add-ons do I need?

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How much will it cost?

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